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Aimilios Raissis co. offers a complete solution to your needs  by undertaking not only the supply and placement of special and
“tailor made” constructions such as shower cabinets, glass doors, parapets, space dividing surfaces, shop windows, wall coating, enclosures / shelters, manufacturing of furniture and desks etc., but also by providing all the necessary equipments and accessories such as braces, hinges, many different styles of knobs, spacers, etc.

We also have the capability to supply you with your own preference designs mounted by sandblasting in glass surfaces, mirrors, etc.

Our experts can also advise you regarding the design and completion of your construction or decoration project.

We are at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Emilios Raissis Ltd., 21, Evmenous st., Pagrati, Athens, Tel. No.: +30-210-7510368, +30-210-7565027, Email: info@raissis.gr